Our Leadership

Sam Shaw

Lead Pastor (Executive Staff)

Sam was born in West Texas and grew up in Oklahoma and Southern California. He and the lovely Ruthe met at Oklahoma Baptist University, where he fell in love with her before she knew he existed. After 45 years of marriage, they have 4 great children (two men, two women - all Christ-followers) and 9 incredibly brilliant grandchildren (one already with the Savior).

He and Ruthe were missionaries for 7 years in Latin America (Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic) and loves to irritate whomever he is with by hablando espanol.

He and Ruthe love to travel and have visited 43 countries. They would enjoy visiting a few more countries where they are not shot at or threatened by terrorists.

Sam loves music - all kinds - and plays guitar for his own amazement.

Around 2012, Sam began running and has run 4 marathons, 16 half marathons, and too many 5k and 10k's. He thinks he has one more marathon in him - and hopefully, a lot more halves. He walked the Camino de Santiago in 2016 - a 500-mile walk across Spain in 29 days - and plans to do it again next year, Lord willing.

Favorite food - Mexican and Asian. Favorite Movie - "What About Bob?" Favorite Team - Memphis. Favorite Bible verse: Phil 1:20.

Sam loves his family. He loves being a pastor and teaching the Bible. He loves the people of The Orchard Church. He loves Memphis. Most of all, Sam loves the Lord Jesus, who loved him first and loves him more.