Sermons in: Stand Alone

A Stand Alone sermon is a one-off sermon that is not tied to a series of sermons.

May 12, 2019
Pressure & Perspective

Jesus was a master at living under pressure with a sense of peace inside. If you read his biography, it's amazing because he is always under incredible pressure that would crush most of us. He has people pulling at him all the time. There are constant interruptions with very little personal privacy or personal space. He has to get into a boat and row out in the water just to keep from people pushing on him. He's ridiculed and criticized at every turn, but he lives out of this quiet center in his soul. He refused to be pressured into being somebody that he wasn't. We all know about pressure. The question is, "How do you find peace in the midst of pressure?"

October 29, 2017
Reformation Sunday

This is a sermon in honor of the 500th anniversary of The Reformation.

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