Cultivating a Hunger for the Word of God

Series: Living Excellent Lives

Cultivating a Hunger for the Word of God

February 10, 2019 | Ronnie Stevens
1 Peter 1:22-2:3

Pastor Sam Shaw introduces us to his long-time favorite pastor, Ronnie Stevens. Ronnie walks us through 1 Peter 1:22-2:3, giving us ten steps that have helped him stimulate and excite a hunger for the word of God in his own life.

Discussion Questions

  • How many Bibles do you own? How did you get them?
  • Can you describe a time when you believed God was speaking to you through His Word, the Bible?
  • Why do you think many people do not read the Bible regularly? What is your greatest challenge in reading the Bible?
  • Ronnie Stevens listed 10 ways to cultivate a hunger for God's Word. Can you reproduce the list?
  • Which of the 10 ways is most helpful to you? Which is most challenging to you?
  • Which would you like to try out for a month?

Series Information

Have you ever wondered how you are to live an excellent life? And to live an excellent life, not for yourself, but for the God who created you and loves you? Let’s take a journey together through 1 Peter beginning on January 13 to see how we can glorify God by the way we live.     

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