Facing Fear With Faith

Series: The Powerful King

Facing Fear With Faith

March 22, 2020 | Sam Shaw
Mark 4:35-41

As Corona Virus spreads, it's shaking the faith of many; tempting us to live in fear of headlines, predictions, and others. Anxiety is the new normal for most. People are hoarding, locking themselves in their homes, and looking to the news for guidance. We've been walking through the Gospel of Mark and today we land on Mark 4:35-41, the story of how Jesus calms the storm. This story reminds us that we live by faith, not fear. In the worst of times, Christians can and should be at their best. We are people of the Word; people of faith. We believe the world belongs to our sovereign Lord. His rule extends over everything - even microbes, and viruses. He has the whole world in His hands. It is our prayer that God uses this message to calm the storm in our hearts and minds. You matter to God. You matter to us. We want to hear from our church family. Please reach out to info@theorchardchurch.com. Tag us in your pictures, posts, and stories on Sunday from your living room using @orchardmemphis and #orchardmemphis. We cannot wait to see our family meeting all over our city! #youmatter

Discussion Questions

If you're worshiping and watching the service with others, please take a moment to discuss these questions amongst yourself. 

  • What concerns you most about the Corona Virus and its impact?
  • How have you handled your concerns until now?
  • Read Mark 4:35-41. What emotions did the disciples feel as the storm raged on?
  • The word, “great” is used 3 times in the story. What does this imply about each time it is used?
  • Can fear and faith co-exist? If they had had faith, what would they have done in the storm?
  • What was Jesus showing them about himself?
  • How do you react when Jesus seems to be “asleep” when you need him most?

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