Series: Table Talk


August 11, 2019 | John Nix
2 Timothy 2:1-7

Change is a part of life. Seasons, weather, time, and even we change. Sometimes these changes seem dramatic and we feel as if they happened overnight. Other times it seems as if time stands still. People in different stages of life view time differently but eventually we all conclude that time stands still for no one and it moves too fast. How can we keep up as time moves faster? How do we keep dancing when the rhythm changes? As the first chapter of 2 Timothy came to a close, Paul refers to the widespread flight among Christians in the Roman province of Asia (1:15). Onesiphorus was the only one commended for his faithfulness so Paul exhorts Timothy that he needs the strength of God’s grace to endure. Each season of life has its own unique set of challenges so we need to recognize our “Rhythms” and embrace the changes for the sake of the gospel and making disciples.

Discussion Questions

  • Share a time when you were strengthened by grace in Christ Jesus?
  • Where can someone find encouragement for strength?
  • What do you do with the sermons you hear? Do you take notes? Discuss it with others? Search the scripture for yourself?
  • Who are you discipling? Who is discipling you?
  • Share something you heard from the Bible that you are teaching others.
  • Which example do you identify with most at this point in your life – the soldier, the athlete, or the farmer?
  • How are soldiers and Christians similar? How are they different?
  • Are you “entangled” (v. 4) with any good things that keep you from making disciples?
  • Do you meditate and carefully think about the Bible? How?
  • What daily rhythms will you embrace to be a disciple and make disciples?

Series Information

Some of the best conversations happen around the table and this series has been designed to help us think wisely as disciple makers. The table is a great place to tell stories, share ideas, and grow together. So join us around the table for some Table Talk that we pray will be helpful as we make disciples together. In the book of 2 Timothy, Paul addresses his beloved child in the faith named Timothy. It seems that Timothy's father was an unbelieving Greek, but his grandmother and mother were Jews who demonstrated a "sincere faith." They were the genuine article and they possessed the type of faith which had come to characterize Timothy as well. Paul invites us to ponder the powerful impact that mothers and grandmothers can have on children. Even though the work of parenting can seem mundane and thankless, the boy these women raised has become the man that the apostle Paul relies on and thinks of in his most desperate hour.

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