The Shepherd of Your Souls

Series: Living Excellent Lives

The Shepherd of Your Souls

March 10, 2019 | John Nix
1 Peter 2:18-25

Peter calls us to submit to ungodly authorities because we love Jesus and want to follow his example. However, the natural response when someone mistreats us is self-defense and retaliation. To accept unjust opposition requires supernatural power and an exemplar to follow. Jesus provides both. The only way we will find the strength to endure this type of suffering at the hands of others is the reminder that, in his having done the same, Jesus secured for us forgiveness of sins by bearing our sin in his body on the tree. He is a the trustworthy shepherd and the remedy the sin-sick soul requires. New life in Jesus provides the grounds for killing sin and pursuing righteous living.

Discussion Questions

  • Why do you think Peter added the admonition to be subject to those are unjust?
  • How would you explain the call to unjust suffering to someone else?
  • Describe a situation in your life where you have tried to follow the example of Christ during suffering?
  • Why was it necessary for Jesus to be sinless?
  • How was Jesus vindicated?
  • How was Jesus our atoning sacrifice? What did his atonement accomplish for us?
  • How does a Christian put sin to death?
  • What comfort do you take in knowing that Jesus is the Shepherd of your soul?

Series Information

Have you ever wondered how you are to live an excellent life? And to live an excellent life, not for yourself, but for the God who created you and loves you? Let’s take a journey together through 1 Peter beginning on January 13 to see how we can glorify God by the way we live.     

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