At The Orchard Church (TOC), we rely on 1 Tim 3:8-13 in order to establish the qualifications of our Deacons.  That is to say that man nominated for the office of Deacon should be:  worthy of respect, honest and sincere, free from addiction and never inclined to pursue dishonest gain.  A Deacon Candidate must believe the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience and have sufficient experience (both as a believer and while serving as a Deacon-in-Training) to have been tested.  Lastly, a Deacon Candidate must be faithful to his wife and must manage his children and his household well.  In the same way, the wife of a Deacon Candidate must also be worthy of respect, not a malicious talker but temperate and trustworthy in everything.

Nominations for new Deacons are requested and collected (via website) once a year.  Deacon candidates must be members in good standing. Elders, along with Deacons, will interview Deacon Candidates.  Once approved by the Elders, Deacon Candidates serve as a Deacon-in-Training for the first year.  If a Deacon-in-Training has never been previously ordained, an ordination follows at the end of training.  Deacons typically serve for three years after training.  Term exceptions and extensions may be considered as outlined in the TOC By Laws. Inactive Deacons may receive an invitation to become active again after a one year break.

The word which has been translated as: “Deacon” literally means servant - which is precisely what our Deacons do. They serve the Elders, and the congregation at large, by tending to the practical and logistical needs of the church. In addition to the biblical mandates for all believers, our Deacons have been assigned the specific responsibility to organize, coordinate and execute the following: 

  1. To look after: Orphans, Widows, the Home Bound and those in Nursing Homes.
  2. Make Hospital Visits.
  3. Support Requests Made by the Benevolence Committee.
  4. Prepare the Lord's Supper.
  5. Collect and Secure the Offering.
  6. Support Baptisms.
  7. Serve the Bereaved.
  8. Support Mission Activities.
  9. Participate (along with Elders and their wives) in After-service Prayer Leadership.
  10. Support other needs as assigned by the Elders.

Hopefully, on Sunday mornings, you'll also find our Deacons actively engaged in the various TOC ministry teams (Such as: Parking and Greeting; First Impressions, Ushers, Hospitality, Kids Ministry; Student Ministry, Study Groups and Buildings/Grounds).

Finally, our Deacons are passionately involved in discipleship and shepherding!

Our Deacons:

  • Jason Hamrick – Chairman
  • Marc Mannella – Asst Chairman
  • Jamie Augustine
  • Len Brower
  • Jeff Chavies
  • Jeff Heffington
  • Bill Hobbs
  • Craig Howard
  • Elian Levatino
  • Johnny Mendoza
  • Luke Nowell
  • Wes Pennel
  • Lofton Pillow
  • Dave Poley
  • David Schmidt
  • Ryan Steward
  • Blake Young