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Mature Christian believers can have a vital role in guiding and serving as examples to others (Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 10:43-45; 2 Tim. 2:2). At The Orchard, we intentionally do this through Orchard Groups. Group leaders/teachers meet growing Christians where they are, develop relationships, and help lead them to their next spiritual steps. They encourage, challenge and help equip growing disciples – even as they, too, continue to maturely spiritually. They challenge those disciples to ultimately become disciple makers.

Jesus is our perfect example of this. He met people where they were, and brought them into smaller groups to grow in their faith. Leading a group is a tremendous responsibility, but comes with many rewards. 

There are three requirements for being a group leader or teacher at The Orchard Church:

  • I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • I am a member of The Orchard Church who upholds our membership covenant.
  • I am in an Orchard Group or I am are currently discipling someone.

If you meet the conditions above below is the process for becoming a leader and/or teacher. 

Leadership Application Process

  • Pray - Please pray through your decision to become a leader or teacher. Are you called to lead and/or teach?
  • Apply - Complete one of the following online applications:
    • Leadership Application if you would like to lead a Community Group. (Note: if you ever think you will want to lead a Study Group you only need to complete the Teaching Application below.)
    • Teaching Application if you would like to lead a Study Group.
  • Meet -During the approval process, meet with 2 staff members and/or elders. One of the assessors will contact you about setting up an in-person assessment once we receive your application.
  • Train - To be better equipped to lead a community group, attend Leadership Training. Once approved as a leader you will be provided with more details about this training. For ongoing suggestions, ideas, and excellent discipleship group resources. (Note: leadership training is currently being developed and Lord willing we will launch it in the near future.)
  • Coaching (Teaching Only) - All first-time teachers will be required to do team teaching with a designated person determined by the elder board.
  • Make Disciples - begin discipling.

Thank you for your interest in Discipleship Groups and for your willingness to consider leadership.

If you have any questions please contact us at .  

GroupS Resources

Titus (for Journey Groups)

Below are the resources you will need for this 7-week study. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

  • Group Resource Card - This card includes your Scripture reading plan, a passage of Scripture to memorize, and questions to ask yourself as you work through your weekly readings.
  • Scripture Passages - If you don't have a Bible don't fret. We have pulled out all the Scriptures and put them into this document so you can easily follow along. We have also included links to each passage on Biblegateway so if you need more context either before or after the passage you can get it.

The Gospel-Centered Life (for all Groups)

This is a 9-week study from Robert Thune and Will Walker that will help participants understand how the gospel shapes every aspect of life. Each lesson is self-contained and featuring clear teaching from Scripture.