Elder Nomination Form

Please answer all questions. If clarification or comments are needed to help explain an answer, please notify us in the "Additional Comments / Clarification of Answers" block at the end of the form. If you do not know if the nominee is qualified in an area, check "Unsure." (This is an acceptable answer and will not be held against the nominee.)

These questions are designed to help you determine if the man you are considering is qualified to serve as an elder this year.
It is not necessary to ask these questions of your nominee. They are for your consideration.
However, it is necessary to get your nominee's permission for his name to be submitted (as noted in required field below).

Name of Elder Nominee *
Name of Elder Nominee
Your Name *
Your Name
Are you a member of The Orchard? *
Has the nominee been a member of the church for over 1 year (as of 12/2016)? *
If not, he is not eligible to serve this year.
Have you read 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9 and Acts 6:1-7? *
The questions that follow come from our understanding of the elder position based on these texts.
In his personal life
Do you know him to be self-controlled, wise, peaceable, and gentle? *
Is he generous and sacrificial with his money, not focused on the acquisition of wealth, and does he obtain all of his money in an honest and straightforward manner? *
Is he humble, patient, honest, and disciplined? *
Is he above reproach, having nothing in his moral conduct that can be questioned? *
In his family life
Does he manage his family well, assuming his responsibility as spiritual leader? *
If he is single, is he self-controlled? *
Has he been divorced? *
If he is married, is he completely committed to his wife? *
Is his wife a believer? *
Do his children respect and obey him, not being open to the charge of being wild and disobedient? *
Are his children believers? *
Will other men want to imitate the way he leads his family? *
In his social life
Is he kind and hospitable to others? *
Is he a friend to strangers? *
Does he show favoritism in his relationships with others? *
Does he have a blameless reputation? *
In his spiritual life
Is he saved and not a recent convert? *
Do you consider him spiritually mature, able to make wise, biblically-sound decisions? *
Is he leading lost people to faith in Christ on a regular basis? *
Is he making disciples of all nations? *
Is he a man of prayer? *
Does he love God's Word, evidenced in his commitment to read, study, and memorize it? *
Is he a man known for sound scriptural doctrine, able to encourage those who don't understand, and to refute those who oppose it? *
Do you believe he is a man who holds firmly to biblical truth with a clear conscience, no matter what the cost to him personally? *
Is he able to teach? *
Is he gracious? *
Can you recommend that he be considered for Elder without any reservations? *
Do you believe he would uphold the Bylaws of The Orchard Church in their entirety? *
Do you believe that this is a man that the people of The Orchard Church will want to imitate? *
I have received permission for this nomination. *