First in / last out

We as a church have committed to pushing the largest amount of money possible into ministry and not the maintenance of buildings.  That’s why we lease this property and SGIS instead of building a big campus facility.  A key part of that strategy is the ongoing weekly need to set up and take down all the equipment we need to do church well in every area.

We are launching a new ministry called FI/LO (First In/Last Out) to meet this need.  

How is it different from what we have done before?

·      Everyone who serves can come early or stay late – but not both.

·      We are recruiting enough people so that you will not serve every week but rotate.

·      We are encouraging Community Groups to serve together as a ministry project.

·      We are primarily doing this to get people connected not to just get the work done.

We really do need the help, and this may be The Missing Piece for you to get started serving.

Click below to register for FI/LO.