I want to invite you to register...

...for the Financial Learning Experience this coming Sunday at the Orchard Church. This two-hour seminar has the potential to literally change your life. How? 

YOU WILL walk away with hope about your finances and the future. 

YOU WILL  be motivated to make the changes necessary to move toward financial peace and freedom. 

YOU WILL  get a roadmap that will allow you to measure your progress - and clearly show the next step toward financial freedom. 

YOU WILL  learn you are not the only one who has financial stress. 

YOU WILL NOT be made to feel ignorant, or like a failure or a loser. 

YOU WILL NOT  be bored. 

YOU WILL  be able to dream again - and you will learn how to those dreams can become a reality. 

My observation, after many years as a pastor, is that when Christians are financially free, they are more likely to do exactly what they have been put on earth to do - regardless of the cost or income potential. That is my own testimony, as well as the testimony of others you will meet on Sunday. 

The seminar takes place this coming Sunday. Lunch is provided, and the seminar goes from 1:00-3:00 PM.  Childcare is available, but we need to know how many and what ages. Register below: