GLOBAL missionS


The following statistics represent some of the challenges facing the church in the unfinished task of world evangelism:
As of April 2012 there were approximately 7 billion people on Earth.
Approximately 750 million (or about 11 percent) of those are willing to claim Jesus as personal Lord and Savior. About 2.6 billion people (or 38 percent of the world’s population) have heard the gospel but have not accepted Christ yet.
At present, just over 50 percent of the world’s population (or 3.5 billion people) have not heard the gospel and most of them do not have a realistic opportunity to hear the gospel.
Here’s another way to look at the challenge of world evangelism: Of the 11,646 distinct people groups on the planet, 6,734 people groups (roughly 60 percent) contain between zero and two percent evangelical Christians.
Many of these 6,734 people groups have no churches, no Bibles, no Christian literature and no mission agencies who are seeking to share the gospel with them.
The Orchard wants to encourage you to not only serve and tell people in our city, but to extend that serving and tell to the world. Opportunities for service are separated into two categories – Partners and Extended Network. Partners are the ministries/individuals that we directly support with giving or service. Ministries in our Extended Network are ministries that we want to make you aware of because they align with our core values and purpose.

- Pastor Sam Shaw


In Acts 11, the story of the Church at Antioch, an amazing thing happens, they send their best leaders out, their greatest resources are spent, they partner with other believers and the gospel is spread all over the country.

We want to model that kind of “kingdom” mindset with The Orchard. Since day one, God has laid it on our hearts to partner with and support other church plants, not just around the world, but also in the Memphis Area.

We support the following church plants:

Hope Church in New Orleans
Matt Tipton

Pueblo De Dios
Ryan Bush

Impacto, Choluteca, Honduras
Josue Pineda