Pastoral Transition

Pastor John Nix Confirmed as Senior Pastor

An Overview on the Year of Transition

Every church experiences transition in leadership in one way or another. It can come unexpectedly or it can be planned from the leadership. The Lord has been gracious to the Orchard as we have been navigating a pastor-initiated plan of senior pastoral transition guided by unity in the Spirit. Pastor Sam will be transitioning from the senior pastor role and his recommendation is for John Nix to be the next senior pastor of The Orchard Church.

During the 2019 Annual Meeting, an announcement was made about a transition that began more than 8 years ago at Sam’s request. Sam said, "TLC. This is the right Timing. I Love this church. I believe John is the man God has Called for this moment."

Hear from Pastor Sam



A Timeline of Transition



Installation of John Nix as Senior Pastor




Pre-Thanksgiving Feast



Vote on Pastor John Nix to become the next senior pastor


It is Pastor Sam Shaw and the other Elder's recommendation to nominate Pastor John Nix to step into that role. This vote will be for all of The Orchard Church members.



10 year anniversary



Family Meeting


Join us as we pray for the upcoming school season and have Sam and John chat through the year of transition and share where the Lord is guiding us.



Community group visits



Prayer plan for the church




Sam and John review The transition plan with the congregation and officially become co-pastors




Sam announces his retirement date and nOminates John as his successor


John becomes an elder, leads the staff, preaches and works with the deacons



John begins intentional discipleship at the Orchard



John begins to be involved with the staff



John and his family begin attending the Orchard



Elders begin a national search for a successor


Sam and John begin to discuss interest and succession plans



Sam and Elders begin plans for succession



Sam and John meet for the first time while officiating Charlie and RebeKah Shaw's wedding


The Orchard Church is planted

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