In Orchard Students, we aim to equip students to develop their own faith through discussing Biblical foundations and developing discipling relationships.

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Middle School (Grades 6-8) & High School (Grades 9-12)

Life as a teen comes with many challenges. Here at The Orchard, we are family so you don’t have to navigate the teen years alone! Orchard Students is a place for teens to create relationships, grow spiritually, and impact the lives of others.


Sunday morning is a time dedicated to students learning God’s Word and discussing it with their peers. We start our time together with a brief message and then send students to their designated small groups to discuss the text. Small groups are a central part of our ministry as it not only allows for connection amongst students at a personal level, but it also allows for students to grow closer to Christ through friendships and discipling relationships.


Join us on Wednesday nights during the school year from 6-8 pm! MDWK (midweek) is an opportunity for students to learn and discuss the Word of God in a familial setting. Middle school and high school students gather for a worship service that is followed by a small group discussion to wrap up the night. This is not only a night where students have the opportunity for corporate worship and hear the Word of God taught, but it is also is a time where students discuss with their peers in a smaller setting what they’ve learned. The night allows for a great connection to fellow students as well as a tremendous opportunity to learn more about who God is and how to live their lives according to His purpose.

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The Student Team would love to answer any questions you might have. Click on their name below to contact them via e-mail.

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Small-Group leaders are the most essential piece of our ministry when it comes to equipping the students. All of our volunteers are trained and screened for the protection of Students. Wise, engaging, and intentional disciple-makers are always welcomed to be a part of our student's lives. We would love to answer any questions that you have. 

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