On-Site Gathering Information

We are working to provide Sunday gatherings that keep our community's safety in mind. 

What can I expect?

What service times are available?

The on-site services meet at 9:30 and at 11:00 am.

What time should I arrive for each service?

Doors open 15 mins before each service, and families will be escorted to their seats for worship.

What about wearing a mask?

We recognize that people have differing views on the effectiveness of wearing masks, and churches in our area have taken differing approaches. We are asking our family to wear masks per CDC guidelines as well as state and local protocols. We have offered some biblical principles that apply here. Face masks will be available for you as you enter the building.

What if I am not ready to come back in person just yet? Can I still watch online?

We understand. Each family must determine what serves their family best at this time, and online worship will continue for the foreseeable future. Online service can be found here or you can watch on YouTube and Facebook.

Do I need to register for on-site gatherings?

Yes. Your registration helps us honor the health guidelines currently in place.

Registration serves us in two ways:

  1. It allows us to limit our worship room's capacity so that we can observe social distancing.
  2. Registering will enable us to contact attendees if we learn of a COVID-19 case from someone else who attended service the same day.

Register here for 1/17
Register here for 1/24

Will programming be available for kids and students?

We encourage kids and students of all ages to attend worship with their parents. If you have children who will be attending with you, visit our Orchard Kids at Home page, print off this Sunday’s coloring sheets bring crayons, markers and other notebooks to help keep their hands busy during the service.

During this time, student and kid's ministries will continue to meet online.

What will the limited on-site gatherings look like?

We are working to provide on-site Sunday gatherings that keep our community's safety in mind.

  • We will limit services to 50% capacity in compliance with current guidelines.
  • Chairs will be arranged in groups of 2, 4, or 6 so families can sit together, and these seating groups will be distanced from others.
  • Family ministries, including Orchard Kids and Orchard Students, will not meet on-site.
  • Community Groups and Study Groups will not meet on-site.
  • Unless on-stage, all volunteers and staff will wear masks.
  • All attendees will also wear masks.
  • Restroom access will be limited, and you will be asked to disinfect the space you used. (An adult must accompany all children.)
  • We will not serve coffee, water, or donuts.
  • We will not pass offering baskets.
  • Anyone experiencing fever, cough, or other COVID-19 symptoms should not attend.
  • Vulnerable populations should not attend.
What do I do if I test positive for Covid-19 after attending on-site service?

Due to privacy concerns, The Orchard will not inform the church at large whenever a positive test is discovered. We will contact any persons that we can identify who may have been exposed through inadvertent contact with the infected person. Anyone who is exposed to COVID-19 should seek out testing for the virus and self-quarantine for 14 days.

If you need to report a positive test to COVID-19, please contact Shay Hamrick by phone, 901-316-5664 or email, .


On-site Worship Registration

Please register for the on-site service you plan to attend. Your registration allows us to prepare the worship center and follow social distancing guidelines. We need to know in advance if we reach capacity. 

Register Here for 1/17 Register Here for 1/24


How can I prepare as we resume on-site services?

  1. Pray 
  2. Prepare for changes
  3. Plan to praise God no matter what

As a family, encourage and support one another regardless of how they approach gathering onsite. One's spirituality is not measured by whether they gather onsite or online to worship.