Have you been attending The Orchard for a few weeks or months and still not connected?

Do you travel during the week making it hard to connect to a Community Group?

Beginning this Fall, we're launching a new group, called, "Open". This is an 8-week Sunday morning group aimed at helping you connect to others at The Orchard and to God. 

The group will meet in the Cox building at 10:45am every Sunday for 8 weeks beginning October 4th. However, the nature of the group being "open", you may join up with the group at any point during those 8 weeks. All ages welcome, single, married, empty nesters! As always, Orchard Preschool, Elementary, and Students are available if you have kids or students.

Use the easy form below to let us know you are coming. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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It doesn't matter how young or old you are. We'd just like to know a little more about you!
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