Sermons in: First Things First

As the new year is upon us, it's a fitting time to talk about the principle of "firsts." There are a number of "firsts" referenced throughout the Bible, and a distinct value is placed on what comes first. This sermon seeks to clarify and provide people with a better understanding of what Scripture says about how to honor God and demonstrate our faith with the first-fruits of our finances, time, and actions. We'll look at how things were redeemed in the Old Testament, how things are redeemed today, and explore what Scripture says about unlocking the blessings God has for us in our lives. 

January 06, 2019
First Things First

On this first Sunday of the new year, Pastor Sam Shaw talks about the principle of "firsts." There are a number of "firsts" happening in Genesis 4:1-9: the first murder, the first martyr, the first person to go to Heaven, and the first offering is made to the Lord. God always insists on being first. When we seek to put God first in our lives we honor Him, we demonstrate our faith, and we unlock God's blessings in our lives.

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