Sermons in: Living Excellent Lives

Have you ever wondered how you are to live an excellent life? And to live an excellent life, not for yourself, but for the God who created you and loves you? Let’s take a journey together through 1 Peter beginning on January 13 to see how we can glorify God by the way we live.     

June 30, 2019
Grace and Glory

Peter has written this letter to encourage believers and testify to God’s grace. God’s grace is all that God has done for his children in Christ. Living Excellent Lives is the result of God’s work in Christ. Peter’s summons to stand in the grace of God summarizes the entire message of this letter to people who are out of place and suffering. God’s grace is how one can endure suffering. God’s grace is how one can love others even when they mistreated. God himself has saved you and called you to his eternal glory in Christ as you are guarded through faith for salvation.

June 23, 2019
Always in Style

Anxiety, pride, trust, and care. Peter knew well the power and danger of pride. He corrected the Christ he proclaimed. He declared he would never deny the Christ only to find himself fleeing a courtyard in shame. He was publicly rebuked by the Apostle Paul because of his pride. Humility should be the first obligation of God’s creatures, but pride is the poison our first parents drank, exposing the insidious desire to be God. In heaven and on earth, pride and self-exaltation go before a fall that could very well lead to hell itself. How can we clothe ourselves with humility and be exalted by God himself? How can we face our anxiety and what are we to do with it? Every Christian seeking to obey the command to humble themselves will make a painful discovery of two things: the depth of their pride, and the powerlessness of all their efforts to destroy it.

June 16, 2019
Leadership in Your Family

Last year 6,000 churches in this country closed their doors for the last time. Everyday 3,500 people leave church in America. Many of the reasons why those churches have closed those doors and those people have left has to do with local church leadership. And it's not only in church, it's in the home as well. When parents lead well, unbelievable things happen in a family. And conversely, if the in the home parental leadership is not done well, unbelievable, awful things tend to happen. So, it is just critical we get leadership right. Join us as Lead Pastor Sam Shaw walks us through 1 Peter 5:1-4; Peter's strongly worded message to local church leaders.

June 09, 2019
Suffering for the sake of Christ

If suffering is normal for a Christian, why do I struggle? We spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to avoid suffering at all costs. If you find yourself in a season when you are walking through “the valley of the shadow of death,” Christian platitudes offer very little comfort, but they can also pile a lot of guilt on us. Peter does not address any specifics about what types of suffering will be faced, instead, he wants you to know that your suffering should not come as a surprise and you should not think that as a Christian this is something strange or unusual.

June 02, 2019
Christians Are People Who...

How would you finish this sentence, "Christians are people who...?" What would you say is the distinguishing characteristic of Christians as a whole? Join Lead Pastor Sam Shaw as he walks us through 1 Peter 4:7-11; a passage that gives great detail to the question of who followers of Christ are called to be.

May 26, 2019
Living Excellent Lives: Above All

First Peter is a handbook for Christian Living and it provides the necessary foundations for Living Excellent Lives. This letter was written to people scattered across modern-day Turkey who were facing uncertainty and suffering. These sojourners were confronted daily by the harsh reality that this world was not their home. Peter writes to encourage their faith, assures them of the reliability of God’s word, and explains how Living Excellent Lives in God’s grace is possible even during difficult and desperate times. As we consider 1 Peter 4:7-9, the words “Above All” serve to remind us that love is first in the order of importance and it is the prerequisite for all proper expressions of Christian responsibility. The love that Peter is speaks of is not some overly sentimental concept, but divine love that is only possible because God first loved us and the Holy Spirit is transforming us. This is the kind of love that marks us as a disciple of Jesus Christ and demonstrates His power to save.

April 14, 2019
Time is Running Out

What is the "Great Business of Life"? What are you put on earth here to do? You probably have a bucket list, but why do we even talk about bucket lists? We all know we have a limited amount of time left here on this earth, and time is running out. Lead Pastor Sam Shaw walks us through 1 Peter 4:1-11, and answers the question, "What is the Great Business of Life?".

April 07, 2019
From Suffering to Session

Peter continues to address suffering but moves the attention from Christian suffering to the suffering of Jesus. Peter’s letter quickly offers comfort after proclaiming that God sometimes wills suffering for those who have done good and reminds us that Jesus suffered for doing good. However, Peter is not content only reminding the reader that Christ suffered. He exults in showing how a complete reversal has taken place because of what Jesus has done. The submissive Son is the ruling king in his session at the right hand of God.

March 31, 2019
The Defense Rests

The world is changing and a shift has taken place in our culture. Clear boundaries and definitions are being challenged and even erased. Values once perceived as permanent are vanishing like a morning mist. It is a discomforting and frustrating experience when one suddenly feels lost, unsure of where they are or how they got there. Ideologies pull at the very fabric of our society and the seams cannot take much more. Christians with orthodox beliefs are told they are on the wrong side of history and scripture is being revised for the new world. Peter has moved from Christ’s work, Christian identity, and submission to the issue of Christian suffering.

March 24, 2019
The Person God Blesses

Pastor Sam Shaw walks us through 1 Peter 3:8-12. Sam said when he first read this passage, his eyes were immediately drawn to verse 10. The passage begins, "Whoever desires to love life and enjoy good days..." That sounds great! Who wouldn't want that? So ask yourself, what would it be like to truly love life and enjoy good days? Join us as we see what Peter says about how our attitude and actions have an impact on living the good life.

March 17, 2019
Marriage and the Gospel

God's purpose for us as Christians is to point others to Him. A Christian marriage is one of the clearest examples of the gospel, and possibly the greatest opportunity we have to point others to Jesus. So, what does it mean to be a Godly husband or a Godly wife? Pastor Sam Shaw turns to 1 Peter 3:1-7 to see how scripture describes a Godly marriage.

March 10, 2019
The Shepherd of Your Souls

Peter calls us to submit to ungodly authorities because we love Jesus and want to follow his example. However, the natural response when someone mistreats us is self-defense and retaliation. To accept unjust opposition requires supernatural power and an exemplar to follow. Jesus provides both. The only way we will find the strength to endure this type of suffering at the hands of others is the reminder that, in his having done the same, Jesus secured for us forgiveness of sins by bearing our sin in his body on the tree. He is a the trustworthy shepherd and the remedy the sin-sick soul requires. New life in Jesus provides the grounds for killing sin and pursuing righteous living.

March 03, 2019
Building an Honor Culture

The church lives in the world as exiles who belong to another Kingdom. The world system around us, the cultural environment where we live, is alien to the kingdom of God. Christians have different priorities, strategies, and a different vision for the future. Peter was not naïve about government corruption or the abuse of power. He did not live in a “Christian nation.” He knew firsthand of the devastation that evil political power can bring. Being a Christian today is increasingly putting us at odds with political positions and laws. Religious liberty, an essential issue in our founding is facing regular threats and sometimes open hostility is faced socially, politically, and legally just for being a Christian. However, submission to every human institution and service to others is the will of God. We should use christian freedom for doing good which will put to silence the ignorance of foolish people.

February 24, 2019
Beautiful Living in a Polarized World

Have you ever felt out of place and uncertain about what to do? God transforms people who were at home in this world and they become sojourners and exiles. They know the country and its customs, but they have been called out of darkness into light which means they live differently. They feel the conflict in the war of the soul but they abstain from the desires that characterize the people of darkness. Beautiful Living in a Polarized World may serve as a means to pierce the hardened heart and bring light to the darkened soul for God’s glory.

February 17, 2019
Jesus or the Church?

It's typical these days for people to talk about loving God or loving Jesus, but not really loving the church. Pastor Sam Shaw walks us through 1 Peter 2:4-10, a passage filled with answers to some key questions many have today such as: Can a Christian love Jesus but not the church?

February 10, 2019
Cultivating a Hunger for the Word of God

Pastor Sam Shaw introduces us to his long-time favorite pastor, Ronnie Stevens. Ronnie walks us through 1 Peter 1:22-2:3, giving us ten steps that have helped him stimulate and excite a hunger for the word of God in his own life.

February 03, 2019
Grow Up

In the 1st Century in the Mediterranean world, an unexpected movement started that went viral. Religion was everywhere in the Roman Empire, but this movement had the one thing that Romans could not find anywhere else. This movement had community. It had love. Pastor Sam walks us through 1 Peter 1:22-2:3, as he shares five toxins that keep us from loving one another, and shares biblical insights on how to do a seemingly impossible task: earnestly love one another.

January 27, 2019
Where is Hope Found?

All around, despair, conscious need, and unconscious longing. We live in a world where loneliness is an epidemic and one in three adults and adolescents suffer from anxiety. Our minds must sift through a constant barrage of messaging that is antithetical to the gospel. Where can hope be found? Peter reminds the reader that Jesus has conquered every enemy including death and at his revelation hope will be realized. Where is hope to be found? It is found in God through Jesus Christ.

January 20, 2019
Rejoice and Suffering

Where do you get a joy that grief and hardship doesn't shatter? In 1 Peter 1:3-12, Peter said the uniquely Christian way in dealing with trials and challenges is that we rejoice. In this sermon, Pastor Sam walks us through six reasons that Peter gives us in the text that empowers us to rejoice even when we are going through the worst of times.

January 13, 2019
The People of God in the World

Have you ever wondered what living the Christian life actually means? Pastor Sam Shaw introduces a new series on 1 Peter, encouraging us to read and re-read it. The truth of this compact book acts as a manual for Christian living. In this sermon, Pastor Sam examines what we know about Peter, and four things that are true for every Christ follower.

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