Sermons in: The Storytelling King

March 15, 2020
The King Tells a Bigger Story

Jesus is a master storyteller. During his earthly ministry, he would use stories filled with common objects and experiences that people could relate to and understand. Jesus used these stories to tease, tantalize, and test those who were listening. These were not just simple stories. These parables are both works of art and weapons of warfare used to divide people into insiders and outsiders. Jesus continues to use these parables and then privately he would explain them to his disciples. These three parables are telling a bigger story about Jesus and his kingdom. God’s kingdom will grow. It may prove to be mysterious and it may begin small, but God will bring it to fruition. The kingdom of God is the present and future realm in which Jesus Christ exercises full authority, and through which he triumphs over all opposition. This is the biggest story, the cosmic story into which all of creation plays a part for God’s glory.

March 08, 2020
The Storytelling King

We’re in a series walking through the book of Mark, rediscovering Jesus. In Mark, Chapter 4, we come to the parable of the sower. Jesus tells this parable to explain how different heart conditions respond differently to the gospel, to help people test what kind of soil they are, and ultimately whether or not they are truly in the Kingdom of God.

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