Abraham Listened to God

Series: Kids Lessons


  • Who was Abraham’s son? (Isaac)
  • What hard thing did God tell Abraham to do? (give his son as an offering)
  • How many days did Abraham and Isaac travel to the place where they would do the sacrifice? (3 days)
  • What things did Abraham and Isaac take with them to the sacrifice? (wood, fire, knife)
  • What did Isaac notice his father had not brought for the sacrifice? (a lamb)
  • What did God say to stop Abraham from harming Isaac? (“Do not hurt Isaac.”)
  • What did God provide instead for the sacrifice? (a ram)
  • What blessings did God promise to Abraham for trusting Him? (many children and grandchildren, all people would blessed by his family)

Speaker: Jenny Beyl

October 2, 2021

Genesis 22:1-19

Jenny Beyl

Elementary Director

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