Confusion & Compassion

Series: The Misunderstood King

Confusion & Compassion

May 17, 2020 | John Nix
Mark 6:45-56

Messianic hopes are reaching fever pitch. Jesus, the compassionate shepherd, has miraculously satisfied thousands with food, and the people are beginning to think about this Rabbi from Nazareth in terms of politics and power. This text will be familiar to many, but if we are not careful, we may miss something beyond the miracle of walking on water. This text reveals so much more than just a miracle, and Mark directs us to a self-conscious theophany by Jesus himself. There are many truths contained in this rich passage, as well as pain points and struggles we all face. Glory is revealed. Compassion continues. But confusion still surrounds the Misunderstood King. Could it be that we still misunderstand Jesus today?

Discussion Questions

If you're enjoying our Worship Service with others, please take a moment to discuss these questions aloud. 

  • Pastor John mentioned that Jesus was a man of prayer. Read Mark 6:45-56. What can we learn from Jesus' prayer life?
  • Pastor John mentioned that being with Jesus is not just a sentimental or theological concept. We can be with Jesus. What ways can we be with Jesus this week?
  • What storm are you or someone you know struggling with? 
  • What can you do to better understand your struggle or help others in their struggle?
  • Has Jesus rescued you? If so, what has he rescued you from? What does that mean for today?

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