Cosmic War

Series: Advent: Love


Discussion Questions

Here are some questions that we hope you'll take a few minutes to think through and answer.

  1. What comes to mind when you think of the Advent season?
  2. What does God reveal about himself when he does not immediately destroy Adam and Eve? Why is that important for us?
  3. Why does God work through people when he could just do it himself?
  4. Do you find it difficult to believe that God loves you? Why? What do the stars reveal about God?
  5. Share a time when you thought God was not working only to find out that he was doing more than you could see. What are some things we should do as we wait for God?
  6. How are redemption and adoption connected (Galatians 4:4-5)?
  7. What did Jesus do to destroy the works of the devil?
  8. How does knowing that Jesus helps you change the way you see your circumstances right now?

Speaker: John Nix

November 28, 2021

Genesis 3:15-15:5

John Nix

Lead Pastor / Elder

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