David Was Kind to Mephibosheth

Series: Kids Lessons



  • True or False: David remembered the promise he made to Jonathan. (True)

  • Why did David want to find Saul’s family? (He wanted to show them kindness.)

  • What was the name of the member of Saul’s family who was still living? (Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s

    son and Saul’s grandson)

  • How did Mephibosheth react when he heard that David wanted to show him kindness? (He was


  • Besides giving him everything that belonged to his grandfather, what else did David do for Mephibosheth? (Mephibosheth always ate at the king’s table.)

  • What are ways we can show God that we see His kindness? (Answers will vary – praise and worship Him, show kindness to others, etc.)

  • Is there someone to whom you can show God’s kindness? (Take time to discuss)

Speaker: Jenny Beyl

November 27, 2021

2 Samuel 4:4-9

Jenny Beyl

Elementary Ministry Director

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