Empty Tomb

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Empty Tomb

April 04, 2021 | John Nix
Luke 24:1-12

Empty. Confused. Disappointed. Darkness. Defeat. A group of women who had served Jesus faithfully waited and watched as Joseph of Arimathea took courage and asked for the body of Jesus. His request was granted, and these women saw where the body was laid. Providence did not allow enough time to bury Jesus’ body properly, making it necessary for these women to prepare the spices and wait until the Sabbath rest had passed. Depressed, exhausted, and left with no hope, they made their way to the tomb early that Sunday morning. Christianity hangs on what they witnessed. It all comes down to the Empty Tomb.

Discussion Questions

Here are some questions that we hope you'll take a few minutes to think through and answer.

  • He has risen. Have these three words changed your life? How do you know? If not, will you repent of your sin and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ now?
  • Do you read your Bible? Share your approach to reading God’s word. If not, where will you start, and who could read with you?
  • Why do you think we fail to recognize the work of the Holy Spirit? How is his power seen in Peter’s life?

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