IF... You Are The Christ

Series: IF...



  1. In what ways do you struggle with religion over a relationship with Jesus?
  2. Focusing on Who God is will stabilize and calm your life. Which attributes of God (He is good, He is love, He is sovereign, etc.). will you commit to study and hold on to in the days to come
  3. When you give your broken life to Jesus, He gives His eternal life to you. What does this mean for facing daily accusation from the enemy?
  4. How does this impact shame, guilt, misplaced identity, and the ugly names you believe about yourself?
  5. The average American spends 327 hours a month consuming media. Who would you say speaks to you the most: The world, the enemy, the flesh, or the Savior?
  6. How do you pursue the voice of Jesus in His Word?

Speaker: James Allison

July 10, 2022

John 10:22-42

James Allison

Production Director

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