Paul Taught the Corinthians

Series: Kids Lessons



  • What city did Paul visit after Athens? (Corinth)

  • Where did Paul go to teach every Sabbath? (the synagogue)

  • True or False: Some of the Jewish people said disrespectful things about Jesus. (True)

  • What did God say to Paul in a dream? (keep teaching, do not be afraid)

  • True or False: Paul stayed in Corinth for 15 years. (False)

  • After Paul left Corinth, what did he hear about the church in Corinth? (They were arguing)

  • How did Paul help the church in Corinth? (He wrote a letter to them)

  • What did Paul tell the Corinthian church in the letter? (work together, do everything in love)

Speaker: Jenny Beyl

September 25, 2021

Acts 18:1-11

Jenny Beyl

Elementary Director

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