What To Do When You Need Faith

Series: The Misunderstood King

What To Do When You Need Faith

June 28, 2020 | John Nix
Mark 9:14-29

The struggle is real. The world around us seems to be devolving into absolute chaos and on the brink of consuming itself in disease, violence, and pain. Many are facing mental, emotional, physical, relational, and financial difficulties. The brave front you show others has been overrun by the horde of despair and unbelief. For some, the pain inside is so intense that surviving another day raises dark questions that we dare not admit. Have you ever been to the edge or reached the bottom? Are you there now? Does your life feel like you have been underwater too long with lungs ready to burst or give up if you don’t get some relief? This text reminds us that life is not always a mountaintop experience. The valleys are always waiting with difficulty, confusion, arguing and doubt. Jesus explained his purpose, but it was not well received. He explained that following this Misunderstood King means taking up a cross. However, the disciples, like most of us, begin to doubt when life is hard. They are joined by a despondent dad who is losing what little hope he had in light of over-confident disciples and a suffering child.

Discussion Questions

If you're enjoying our Worship Service with others, please take a moment to discuss these questions aloud. 

  • Read Mark 9:14-29.
  • What stood out to you or grabbed your attention in the sermon or passage?
  • Pastor John reminds us also that faith comes from God. Why wouldn't we ask the giver to give us more faith?
  • The man told Jesus, "I believe, help my unbelief." What are you struggling to believe right now?
  • Will you pray to Jesus today and ask Him to help you believe?
  • In what ways can success be dangerous?
  • Pastor John mentioned that faith and feelings are not the same thing. How do they differ in your life?

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