Nehemiah: Finish Well / 11.8.15

Discussion Questions for FINISHING WELL (11.8.15)

  1. If you could summarize the sermon in one sentence or one big idea, what would it be?

  2. What have you learned about Nehemiah in this series?

  3. What were the four factors in Chapter 13 that contributed to people drifting away from God?

  4. What factors contribute to people drifting away from God today?

  5. Read 13:8-9, 11, 17-22, 23-27. Why do you think Nehemiah was so aggressive and violent? Was this acceptable behavior? Would it be today? Why or why not?

  6. Which is a greater challenge for you: honoring God with your time, your friendships, your material possessions or your family life?

  7. Nehemiah answered three very basic questions: A. Whose anger will I fear?

    1. Whose reward will I seek?

    2. Whose words will I listen to?

    Which of these questions is the one you need to settle in your life?

  8. Find the 4 prayers that Nehemiah prayed in Chapter 13. What would you like God to remember with favor in your life?