New Beginning (Psalm 85): 11.15.15

Discussion Questions for 11/15 “Our God Gives New Beginnings”:

  1. Take time as a group to read Psalm 85. Which verses are about the past? The present? The future?

  2. How would you explain the word, “revive?” According to vs. 6, what is a sign of revival?

  3. Vs 9 speaks of God’s glory dwelling in our land. What does that mean? What would that look like?

  4. Psalm 85:1-3 tells of a time when God brought his people back to himself. It is the “back story of grace” that told the story of Israel sinning and God receiving them back again and again. What is your “back story of grace”? How have you experienced God’s mercy and forgiveness, even through your repeated drifts away from grace?

  5. According to Psalm 85, what does God have for us when we have squandered his grace in the past? What does this reveal about God’s love for us?

  6. When you sin again for the umpteenth time, what are you tempted to believe about God’s grace to forgive and revive?

  7. Psalm 85:6 captures the psalmist’s heart for revival. What are ways that your soul needs revival?

  8. When those you know and love sin, how do you respond—with disappointment for their failure or with expressions of God’s forgiving and reviving grace?