Better Together: The Best Decision You Can Make (7.17.16)

Discussion Questions

1. Whose faith and love has had a deep impact on your life?

2. Have you ever had someone whom you would call a gospel friend? Explain.

3. Another way to answer this question is - if you’re in a crisis, who do you all at 3:00 in the morning? Who prays for you on a regular basis? Who can drop in unannounced without any embarrassment? Who can you call to celebrate a victory in some aspect of your life? What do you think are the primary reasons friendships are so challenging to develop and sustain?

4. Read Mark 2:1-12. What is your mat?

5. Are you more likely to carry someone else's mat for them or to allow someone else to carry yours? Why?

6. Does you schedule help or hinder you from entering into deeper community? How could you realistically pursue greater relational depth? 

7.  Thought question - are the relationships in my life moving me closer to God or further away?