The Radical Experiment: Radical Religion

Discussion Questions

1. Read James 2. What are some reoccurring themes throughout this chapter? 

2. What is the connection between good works and faith? What dangers develop by making a connection between faith and works? 

3. Which one of the three examples from Sunday’s message is most difficult for you?
          Unquestionable obedience to God
          Risk-taking service to others
          Non-repayable ministry.

4. Has there ever been in a time in your life where you selectively obeyed God? Why were you selective? What things were you choosing not to obey God in? 

5. Why does it seem like most people choose to minister only when it’s easy? Have you ever felt like you were only “blessing the blessed?”

6. What does non-repayable ministry look like? 

7. How should Christians, respond to people with “dead faith?” 

8. What do you do when you need to renew your faith?