The Story - Week 7 (2.12.17)


1. How does God use ordinary circumstances and actions?

2. How are our hearts hardened by selfishness and pride?

3. Why is power an illusion?

4. Why are we prone to fear?

5. How does fear sometimes cause us to doubt?

6. Why is necessary to understand that only the Lord saves?

7. How comforting is it to think that God fights for his people?

8. How does God guide and protect his people now?

9. What thoughts do you think filled the minds of the people as they walked across the Red Sea on dry ground with a wall of water on either side?

10. Why does sin bring death?

11. Do you fear and believe the Lord in what he says? Why or why not?

12. Do you recognize the authority of God's leaders in your life? Why or why not?