The Story - Week 6 (2.5.17)


1.What caught your attention in the sermon on Job 38-42?

2.What do you think it meant for Job to meet God in a windstorm? See Job 1:19.

3.What did Job think would happen if he met God face to face? Job 9:16-17.

4.Why do you think God never explained to Job why he was suffering?

5.What kind of questions do you ask God when you don’t understand circumstances in your life? What do you pray for? Does God always give you answers? Why or why not?

6.What is your most awesome experience in the natural world? Why do you think God went to such lengths to remind Job of his creation?

7.Read Job 42:6. Of what is Job repenting?

8.Does God always promise happy endings to the stories of his people? Why or why not?

9.How does reading Job’s story help you pray for those you know who are struggling, confused, doubting, or angry over their lives?