The Story - Week 11 (3.12.17)


Read Numbers 11.

  1. What is the Land Between? What is it like? Have you ever been i the Land Between? What was it like?

  2. When have you felt stuck in a place you did not want to be? What emotions do you feel? How are you tempted to complain?

  3. When have you found yourself with nothing left to give, and you thought, “I can’t carry this any longer. It is just too heavy?” What did you do?

  4. Share a time when God provided for you when you felt empty, burned out, confused. How did God meet your needs when you lacked something significant?

  5. Read Numbers 11:18-20, 31-34. What happened to the people because of their constant complaining against God? What is the difference between their complaints and Moses’ prayer?

  6. Share how you have grown as a result of spending time in the Land Between. What growth opportunities did you miss?

  7. Take some time to share encouraging words for those in the Land Between in your group. Pray for each other. Commit to walking with each other through unwelcome transitions.