The Story: Week 12 (3.19.17)



1. Have you ever had an older person in your life who took an interest in you when you were young, and helped you be who you are today? Describe that person. 

2. Have you ever had an older person who encouraged you, as a younger person, to walk with God? A spiritual mentor? Describe them. What did they do right? 

3. How would you define a covenant? Is a covenant different than a contract? if so, how? 

4. Moses describes our relationship with God as a covenant. What does that mean? Why is it important that we understand that our relationship with God is a covenant?

5. Read Deuteronomy 30:15-20. What are the choices Moses gives? How does this make you feel? How do you know which choice you’ve made - in other words, how do you know which road you are on?

6. God lets Moses see what is going to happen to the people of Israel in the future. Why does God allow MoSes to see such a heartbreaking vision?

7. According to Deut 30:1-5, what do we do when we have passively drifted away from God or actively violated his law?

8. How can God just forgive us and restore us and bless us when we’ve sinned? What about the curses He promised if we should sin? 

9. How would you answer someone who says, “ I can live like I want to. God will always forgive me?”