The Story: Week 13 (3.26.17)


1. Why is it important to remember that the Bible is a story?

2. Why does every story point to Jesus?

3. What do you think the emotions were like for Moses on the day of his death?

4. How difficult do you think it was for him after losing his brother and his sister?

5. Why does sin bring death?

6. Do you think God just lost it over the rock? Why or why not?

7. How should we cope when we are frustrated with others?

8. Why is anger so dangerous?

9. How did Moses and Aaron offend God's holiness?

10. Why do you think Moses got so angry? Was any of it justified? Why or why not?

11. How does Moses end his tenure?

12. How does the law teach us we need a savior?

13. Why does Jesus love us?

14. What is our Promised Land?

15. Will we make it to the Promised Land in spite of our flaws? Why or why not?