The Story - Week 10 (3.5.17)


1. Leviticus raises several questions. How would you answer these? 
a. Why can’ t God just forgive people?
b. Why did all those animals have to die?
c. Why don’t we follow all these regulations today?

2. What are the things Sam mentioned that we can learn from Leviticus 16? Which one did you need to learn of be reminded of?

3. Read Leviticus 16:1-34 List as many details about the Day of Atonement ritual as you can. Which detail is the most surprising to you? Why? Which detail is most significant to you? Why?

4. Why did Aaron make atonement for himself before making atonement for the people?

5. Why were there two, different goat sacrifices? What did each represent?

6. What would it mean to live in light of the atonement of Jesus for us on the cross?