Reach 901 - Week 6 (5.7.17)


1. What do you know about King David? What kind of man was he? What is he best known for? 

2. Read the story found in 2 Samuel 24. What questions does it raise in your mind? 

3. What might you say to someone who says, “I could never believe in a god who judges people?” Why was God displeased with the census? Why did David say, “I have sinned greatly in taking this census?” (2 Sam 24:10)? 

4. Why does God want us to obey him? What are some typical reasons we give for not obeying him?

5. Had you been given the option David was given (2 Sam 24:11-13), which one would you have chosen? Why? 

6. What is the significance of the temple being built on Mt. Moriah (see 2 Chron 3:1)