The Story: Week 16 (6.4.17)


  1. Read 1 Kings 11:1-9. 
  2. What was Solomons’ basic problem? 
  3. Why didn’t his great wisdom save him? 
  4. What did Solomon’s advanced age have to do with his slipping away from God?
  5. When do I notice myself slipping away from the Lord? 
  6. What keeps me from drifting away from full devotion to God?
  7. What’s wrong with 90% devotion to the true God and 10% devotion to other tings?Isn’t some devotion better than none?

Bonus questions - 

  1. Why is intermarriage forbidden in Jewish law? Is it wrong to date a non-Christian today? What is your advice to “mixed-faith” couples today?
  2. Why don’t we practice polygamy today? if it is so bad, why was it practiced in the Old Testament era, even under the law?