The Story: Week 20 (7.2.17)


  1. What is your favorite disaster movie? If you can’t think of a favorite, what is a disaster movie you wouldn’t mind seeing again? Why do you think disaster movies are so popular?

  2. Read Psalm 46. What are some of the disasters or fearful situations mentioned in the psalm? What might these symbolize?

  3. What do you think are the greatest fears of people in our area? Your friends? Your family? Are those fears realistic? What would happen if those fears actually happened?

  4. Sam asked the question: “If I handed you one of those dry-erase markers and a white board, and asked you to write down your greatest fear, what you worry about - what would you write? What causes your chest to tighten and your stomach to churn?” How would you answer?

  5. How does Psalm 46 help address fear? Can you give an illustration of how the promises of Psalm 46 have helped you with worry or fear?

  6. What is the significance of God being called “The Lord of Heaven’s Armies... the God of Jacob (vs. 7, vs 11). Why “heaven’s armies?” Why “Jacob?”