The Story: Week 31 (9.17.17)

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you ever find yourself talking to yourself? When? What do you typically find yourself talking to yourself about? When was the last time you answered back?

  2. Read Psalm 103:1-2. What does it mean to call yourself to attention before God? How does David do that?

  3. Read Psalm 103:3-13. David tells himself what is true about God. What is true about God that you find you often forget and that you need to be reminded of?

  4. Read Psalm 103:15-18. David reminds himself who he is. Do you have a high view of yourself or a low view of yourself? What do you believe God thinks about that?

  5. In this Psalm, David reminds himself what God has done on his behalf. The New Testament reminds us that God has revealed himself and redeemed us in Jesus. What daily practices or habits remind you of what God has done for you in Jesus?