What is SHAPE?

Spiritual Gifts - God-empowered abilities for serving Him.
Heart - what you love to do and care about most.
Abilities - the natural talents you were born with.
Personality - your unique combination of personality traits.
Experience - the experiences in life that have shaped you.

Why is discovering my SHAPE important?

Each of us has something unique to contribute in ministry. Knowing our SHAPE helps guide us to the right places to invest our time and service. As believers love and serve one another, our message to the world is strong and clear.

How do I know what my SHAPE is?

Taking the Spiritual Gifts and Personality Assessments will give you an idea of what resonates most with you. Ask your family and friends what they have seen you demonstrate. Find a ministry area that fits your SHAPE and see if you sense God at work. Through this process you will begin the journey of discovering who you are, why you are here, and what you do best!

Find Your SHAPE.

Start NOW by completing these simple assessments!