SLU 301 is the third - and, for many, final - step in the leadership journey. It's the kind of trip that very few ever get the chance to experience. Here's how SLU describes 301:

Learn the meaning of sacrifice while standing on the bloody beaches of Normandy. Walk the halls of the Louvre, witnessing the art of history inspired by the Creator. Take a backstage pass into the lives of Churchill, Wesley, Newton, Dickens and Bunyan. See with new eyes from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Understand Church History in the St. Paul’s Cathedral, Wesley’s Chapel and Christ Church. Explore the ideas that led C.S. Lewis to Christ inside Holy Trinity Church where he worshipped. Dream like a history-maker.

The estimated cost for 301 is $3,500 (final cost depending on airfare at the time of purchase). All expenses for the trip are covered in the final cost, with the exception of a few meals. It is a price well-worth the experience!