Student Ministry At Home

Families, we are for you. In a season of uncertainties, we are called to walk in faith and trust in Jesus. It is our desire to come alongside you and continue in our mission to love God, love others, and make disciples. You matter. We are here to to help you as a family any way we can.

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Weekly Schedule

  • Sunday: Join us for Worship at 9am. // Talk as a family through the discussion questions we post.
  • Monday: H.E.A.R. Bible journal post
  • Tuesday: H.E.A.R. Bible journal post // Q&A with our team on Insta
  • Wednesday: H.E.A.R. Bible journal post // MDWK online with us at 6:30pm
  • Thursday: H.E.A.R. Bible journal post // How can we pray for you?
  • Friday: H.E.A.R. Bible journal post
  • Saturday: Family Challenge

Helpful Resources

H.E.A.R. Bible Journal Overview
  1. Highlight - When reading Scripture, highlight the verse/verses that stick out to you.
  2. Explain - Find meaning in the text by answering these questions about the text:
    1. What stood out to you about the text that you chose to highlight?
    2. What did the text teach you when you spent time meditating on what you chose to highlight?
    3. What is the overall purpose of this text?
    4. Summarize the passage
  3. Apply - After diving into this passage, how can you apply these things you’ve learned to your own life? a. How can this help me today? b. What would the application of this verse look like in my life? c. What does this mean to me? d. What is God saying to me?
  4. Respond - We do not want to just read the Bible, we want to obey what it says! This is the time where we can RESPOND to God’s Word. Does the verse you highlighted compel you to write out a prayer, a plan of action, enjoy a time of worship, call and tell others what you learned, or something else? Record this in your journal so you are able to look back over time and see what God has been teaching you.

Let’s do this together as a family of missionary servants sent to make disciples of Jesus. As you read the Bible, please reach out to your parents, small group leaders, or the student staff with any questions you have while reading. Post what you are reading or your journals online and tag the student ministry and the hashtag #orchardmemphis

We are in this together. Praying alongside you all as you pursue God in this season.

How to use Zoom for weekly MDWKs

Resources for the family