That we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.

Romans 1:12


At The Orchard, Study Groups are designed to help you grow in your understanding of God's Word and how to apply that truth to your everyday life. Teaching happens within the context of a short-term interactive, small-group community. Study Group subjects range from Bible basics to more in-depth studies of different books of the Bible. All Study Groups aim to strike a balance between in-depth instruction and personal interaction.


Your Next Step in Finding Community

If you are looking to connect in a Community Group, a Connect Group is the place to start.  Connect Groups provide an opportunity for you to meet others who are also looking for a group. As well as connect with leaders who are ready to launch new Community Groups. You will walk away with new friendships, great discussion around the Bible, and a brand new Community Group!
Connect Groups are offered at strategic times throughout the year for 3-6 weeks each.

Our next round of Connect Groups will begin in April and will meet every Community Group Childcare Sunday in the Student Room from 5 pm - 7 pm, starting April 7th.
What happens at Connect Groups?
Connect Groups mimic the Community Group experience in order to give you a snapshot of what it will look like in a Community Group. At Connect Group, you will sit at a table with 5-16 other people as well as a group leader. Each week you will have the opportunity to get to know the people at your table as well as discuss questions designed to help you process what time in a Life Group gathering may look like.
What is the difference between Connect Groups and Community Groups?
Connect Groups are the onramp to Community Groups. Most of our Community Groups meet in homes in an ongoing weekly basis. A Connect Group will provide an opportunity for you to find and connect with a Community Group.
Is this the only way to find a Community Group?
We have very few spots in existing Community Groups but not enough to meet the needs of everyone looking for a group. Therefore, Connect Groups are the best way to find a Community Group.
How long do I need to attend a Connect Group?
We recommend attending for all the weeks available in order to provide adequate time to effectively make the connection to a new Community Group. It will also allow you to get to know potential members of the group you choose.


"And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers."
Acts 2:42

Why Join a Community Group?
Intentional Community
Progress In Following Jesus
Relationships Built
Feel Known & Know Others
Community Groups are a place where the church gets smaller, our love for Jesus grows bigger, and we are able to live out together what it means to Be Family, Live With Purpose, and Make Disciples. We weren't made to journey through life alone. Biblical community is an essential component in following Jesus and making disciples.

Community Groups meet (typically 10-18 people) on a weekly or biweekly basis to discuss Scripture, Sunday’s Sermon, or specific books. At a Community Group, you can expect to meet with a consistent group of people in your area, study Jesus-centered content together, pray, and share what God has been doing in their lives. There’s no set formula for it; it’s simply finding a circle of friends who will be there for you through life’s ups and downs.
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