Dying, Crying, And A Resurrection
on June 6th, 2023
Jesus commands Lazarus to come out, and his voice, through which the worlds were created, babies are formed in their mother's womb, everything is held together, and everyone will be judged, cries out the words that will reverse the greatest curse known: he made the world with his word and with his word he defeated death. Lazarus emerges, and Jesus says, "Unbind him and let him go."  Read More
Believe The Works And Bad News About A Friend
on June 6th, 2023
The sheep can be assured that no one can take them from the Father, who is greater than all. They are united in their mission to save the sheep. The Father has entrusted the sheep to Jesus, and Jesus willingly lays down his life for them (verses 11 and 15).  Read More
The Good Shepherd
on June 2nd, 2023
The message states that Jesus is compared to a shepherd, and those who go against him are like thieves. The sheep who listen to Jesus and follow him are part of his flock, while those who don't know his voice are not part of it. Jesus differentiates between the people who believe he is the Messiah and those who condemn his healing as violating the Sabbath. His followers can distinguish his voice and are not deceived by the Pharisees.  Read More
Now I See
on June 1st, 2023
Jesus identifies himself as the Son of Man, and worshiping him is the proper response to that revelation. Jesus does not refuse to receive worship, as angels do in Revelation. Jesus is God. Jesus is to be worshiped. Jesus is to be trusted. Jesus is Lord. The Pharisees have physical sight but are blind to the glory of Jesus. When Jesus says the Pharisees would have no guilt if they were blind, he seems to mean that they would not have been exposed to the things Jesus had done among them. They claim to perceive the truth. They claim to understand. They have come, however, to the wrong conclusion, which merely establishes their guilt.  Read More
Before Abraham Was, I AM
on May 31st, 2023
According to Jesus, Abraham was aware of his ministry and even found joy in it. This could be because God had promised Abraham that his descendants would bring divine blessings to all nations. The response from the Jews, stating that Jesus was "not yet fifty years old," gives insight into his age. Jesus's use of "I am" was a title of deity recognized by the Jews. When Jesus spoke, the crowd believed he was making a blasphemous statement, so they got ready to stone him. Jesus didn't say anything to convince them otherwise, and he left instead. It's not clear how he avoided being harmed, but he had managed to escape danger in the past because it wasn't his time to die.  Read More
Light And Freedom
on May 30th, 2023
Jesus' response emphasized the spiritual dimension of freedom. A slave is not secure because he has no family ties that come with an obligation to protect him. On the other hand, a son belongs permanently to his family and enjoys all the privileges of being part of it. Jesus, the Son, can give this freedom. Our hope should not be pinned on being a descendant of Abraham but on what Christ has done. Abraham was very different from his descendants, who were inclined towards violence and refused to accept divine guidance. Their misguided beliefs were a result of being misled by Satan.  Read More
Questions, Origins, Arrest Attempts, And Thirst Quenched
on May 29th, 2023
Some in the crowd are critically analyzing the evidence and forming their own opinions. These individuals have acknowledged Jesus's remarkable miracles and concluded that he is the prophet or the Christ. However, upon hearing the crowd's murmurs, the Pharisees and the chief priests send officers to capture Jesus. Jesus' enemies need help understanding what he is saying and wondering if he'll teach the Greeks. Despite their efforts, they cannot refute Jesus' arguments or grasp the meaning of his words. The water-pouring ceremony may point to the Lord's provision of water from a rock for the Israelites as they journeyed to the Promised Land. Jesus invites anyone thirsty to come to him and drink, which means believing and results in eternal life.  Read More
Many Of His Disciples Turned Back And The Crowd Answered—You Have A Demon!
on May 26th, 2023
After listening to Jesus talk about being the bread of life and the necessity of eating his flesh and drinking his blood, many followers began to leave. When Jesus asked if the disciples wanted to leave, Peter responded, saying they had nowhere else to go since Jesus had the words of eternal life and they believed he was the Holy One of God. The disciples may only comprehend Jesus' message partially, but they have faith in him. They will stay even if what he says is upsetting or controversial. They believe that Jesus is the Savior sent by God to rescue humanity, and they have no other options.  Read More
The Bread Of Life
on May 25th, 2023
The crowd at the feeding surrounds Jesus again. According to John, they noticed that Jesus was not there and knew he did not leave with his disciples. They searched for Jesus, and when boats arrived from the Capernaum side of the lake, they used them to cross over. Jesus is explaining to them that they are more focused on satisfying their own needs in this life rather than recognizing the signs he has shown them. Instead of seeking him for spiritual fulfillment, they seek him to satisfy their physical hunger. They are putting their desires before the reason why God sent his son.  Read More
Take Him By Force To Make Him King And Walking On Water
on May 24th, 2023
The people's reaction suggests they understand the similarity between the manna from heaven during Moses' ministry and the multiplied bread Jesus provided. The people were ready to accept Jesus as the prophet like Moses and the king like David. Jesus became aware that the crowd intended to forcefully make him their king as they believed he was the one mentioned in Deuteronomy 18:15-18. After sensing the crowd's intentions, Jesus isolated himself again and went up to the mountain alone.  Read More
Can I Get A Witness?
on May 23rd, 2023
Jesus angered some religious leaders when he instructed a paralyzed man to carry his mat on the Sabbath day, which was prohibited by Jewish religious law. This was made worse in verse 17 when he declared himself equal to God and suggested that the Sabbath rules had no power over him, just as they had none over God. The Jews understood Jesus' claim and didn't miss the point. He was asserting equality with God.  Read More
Your Son Will Live And The Sheep Gate
on May 22nd, 2023
On the Sabbath, Jesus meets a man who cannot walk and trusts in a false belief. Jesus miraculously heals him and restores him. However, instead of rejoicing, some people criticize and harass Jesus for performing the healing on the Sabbath day. Jesus tells them that he is doing God's work, and they accuse him of claiming to be equal to God, which leads them to seek his death. The man was waiting and watching for an angel's stirring of the waters, hoping to be the first to enter and be healed. Despite not guaranteeing the waters stirring, he hoped to restore his health.  Read More





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