Everything That Is Written, A Blind Beggar, And A Wee Little Man

Everything That Is Written, A Blind Beggar, And A Wee Little Man

They Will Kill Him

Jesus will set the ultimate example of sacrifice for the disciples by sacrificing everything. He reminds them of his upcoming journey to Jerusalem to fulfill the prophecy as the Son of Man, where the Jews will betray him to the Gentiles, who will treat him cruelly and put him to death. This marks the most accurate prediction of Jesus' fate as his ministry ends. Despite this, the disciples cannot comprehend his message and are confused by his words.

Son Of David

The disciples are blind to Jesus' mission as he heads toward Jerusalem. On the way, he stops outside Jericho, where a blind beggar hears the commotion from the passing crowd and asks what is happening. Learning that Jesus is present, the man identifies him as the Messiah and requests his mercy, despite being told to be quiet by the people around him. When Jesus approaches, the blind man repeats his request and is granted his sight due to his faith. Overjoyed, the man praises God and becomes a disciple of Jesus.

Salvation Has Come To This House

Jesus arrives in Jericho and encounters a wealthy tax collector named Zacchaeus, who, like the blind man, is an outcast in society. Despite his small stature, Zacchaeus is determined to see Jesus and climbs a sycamore tree for a better view. Jesus recognizes Zacchaeus and chooses to stay at his house, prompting criticism from the people. However, Zacchaeus joyfully welcomes Jesus and declares his intention to give generously to the poor and make amends for any wrongdoing. Jesus commends Zacchaeus for his righteousness and says that the Son of Man has come to save those who are lost. This story demonstrates that even those who seem unreachable, like Zacchaeus, can be saved and transformed.





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