Your Life Is Hidden With Christ In God

Your Life Is Hidden With Christ In God

Colossians 2:6-3:17
The key to believers' lives must be Christ. Paul describes their relationship with Him in different ways. They have received Him, they should walk in Him, and be rooted and built up in Him. A deep relationship with Christ empowers believers to face challenges.

Paul strongly warns against false teaching, emphasizing that everything it offers can already be found in Christ. Believers are filled in Him, lacking nothing. Christ's headship over spiritual realities is highlighted. Paul equates spiritual circumcision in Christ with burial and resurrection in baptism. This verse has implications for the relationship between circumcision and baptism.
Believers have been raised to new life in Christ by God's power. Spiritual death is overcome through Christ. Trespasses are forgiven, and the record of debt is canceled by the cross. The rulers and authorities are disarmed and defeated.

The matters on which they might be judged blend religious and philosophical influences. Some relate to ritual aspects of Judaism, while others do not. The false teachers were likely drawing from various sources to create their own religious tradition. Paul's main concern is for the Colossians not to be overwhelmed by those who emphasize these things. He explains that these regulations are just a shadow, while the reality is found in Christ. Paul urges the Colossians not to be "disqualified" from their Christian life by those who insist on other activities. The problem relates to the teacher's character as well as their beliefs. True knowledge and wisdom can only be found in relation to Christ, who is the "Head." These "elemental spirits" hold no power over believers, but they must live out that reality. The text continues with imperatives that propose an ascetic philosophy, generally understood to be quotations from the opponents' position. These commands relate to temporal things and are "according to" human rules and doctrines. Outward regulations may appear beneficial and lead to "wisdom," but they only pertain to externals and cannot change the heart.

Paul reminds the Colossians that they have been raised with Christ. They should focus on heavenly things, where Christ is honored. Our death with Christ brings liberation. Our lives are now hidden with Christ in God. Our old life has ended, and now our life is in Christ. Christ is our life. Even though sin still exists, it doesn't define us anymore. We must put away sinful patterns of speech and be renewed into the image of our Creator. All believers should prioritize their identity in Christ over their differences. We have already put on the new self, but we must also demonstrate Christ-like qualities. We are chosen, holy, and beloved by God. We should live consistently with the spiritual realities that are already true. Let grace and love bind us together as a community. Christ's peace should rule in us. Let the word of Christ dwell richly in us, teaching and encouraging one another. Sing praises to God and instruct one another through music. Be thankful in all things. Do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus and continue to be thankful.





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