Help Us Pray And A Divided Kingdom?

Help Us Pray And A Divided Kingdom?

Praying In A Certian Place

The disciples of Jesus demonstrate their love for their neighbors (Luke 10:25–37), attentively listen to the Lord's teachings (10:38–42), and pray (11:1–13). On this particular occasion, the disciples observe Jesus praying and ask him to instruct them on how to pray (11:1). Jesus responds by teaching them a simple prayer format (vv. 2–4), focusing on the coming of the kingdom, the need for daily sustenance, the importance of forgiving others, and the requirement of staying faithful. Jesus follows this with a parable of a guest at midnight (vv. 5–8), illustrating that even the most unwilling of hosts will still assist a friend in need if they implore it. This parable is then applied to believers, encouraging them to continue in prayer since God, as a loving Father, is willing to give (v. 13). He also points to the remarkable gift of the Holy Spirit (v. 13).

By The Finger Of God

The conversation then turns to Jesus' opposition and the potential for his execution. Jesus casts out a demon, and some suggest that this is evidence of his possession by a demonic force. In response, Jesus provides six reasons to reject this allegation: (1) If Satan were casting out demons, he would be working against himself. (2) If this logic is applied to other Jewish exorcists, then Jesus' opponents cannot accuse them of being in league with Beelzebul. (3) Jesus' power over demons proves that the kingdom of God has come in his ministry. (4) His victory over demons indicates that he is stronger than them. (5) Those who are not with Jesus are against him and may become more intensely evil themselves. (6) They face the danger of being more severely ensnared by evil themselves.





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