Betrayal, Injustice, And Denial

Betrayal, Injustice, And Denial

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The Kiss

A large crowd with swords and clubs, sent by the chief priests and elders, follows Judas to Jesus, whom Judas identifies with a sign. Upon seeing the teacher, Judas greets him with a kiss, and Jesus is immediately arrested. In the ensuing chaos, one of the disciples grabs a sword and takes a swing at a servant of the high priest, slicing off his ear. Jesus rebukes the violence, stating that he is not a passive victim but a purposeful king with an army of angels at his disposal. He scolds the mob for their lack of courage, noting that he had been teaching in the temple all along, and explains that the mob's actions fulfill scripture. In the midst of this, the disciples flee.


The mob takes Jesus to Caiaphas, where the chiefs and teachers are assembled, unwilling to get their hands dirty with such a deed. Peter follows at a distance, wanting to see the outcome. The vicious group seeks to accuse Jesus of wrongdoings that could lead to his execution. Several people come forward, but their statements are found to be unreliable. Jesus stayed quiet until asked if he was the Christ, the Son of God. He boldly claims that the Son of Man will be at the right side of Power and will come down from the heavens on the clouds. The high priest incriminates him as a blasphemer. The sham tribunal quickly passes the death penalty, spits in Jesus's face, and starts to beat him.


While Peter was in the courtyard watching the scene, a servant girl approached him, accusing him of being with Jesus. He denied it and moved away, but then another servant girl recognized him, and Peter denied Jesus again with an oath. Finally, a bystander came up to Peter, realizing something from his accent, and Peter swore while invoking a curse that he didn't know him. Immediately the rooster crows. This is what denial sounds like. Peter remembers the words of his King, his Rabbi, and his friend, and he flees in bitter distress and agony. This drama is only beginning..





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